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About Premium Chestnuts Australia

Premium Chestnuts AustraliaPremium Chestnuts Australia Co-operative is a select group of 20 chestnut growers. Our farms are located in North-East Victoria and Southern NSW. The sub-alpine conditions in our growing regions provide an ideal climate for growing of our Premium Chestnuts. We produce over 25% of the total harvest in Australia.

For the past 10 years Premium Chestnuts Australia has been pro-active in trialling and selecting superior chestnut varieties, which we believe surpass the qualities of some of the traditionally grown and previously favoured varieties. Our Premium range of chestnuts, available in our distinct pink packaging have proven superior in peelability, flavour and storage quality. Independent trials by Chestnuts Australia Inc. rated our source varieties as some of the best available chestnuts in Australia.

We are continuously testing new varieties in our quest to produce only the finest quality chestnuts. We recognise that one of the most frustrating characteristics of the traditional chestnut has been its difficulty in peeling. We have managed to overcome this problem through research, independent trials and careful selection.

Our growers are dedicated to delivering only the best quality chestnuts to you. We have a stringent cool chain schedule, handling, storage, grading, quality control and packaging regime which all growers adhere to, providing you with the best quality chestnuts available in the market.

Visit our varieties page for more information on our Easy Peel Premium Chestnut range